Twenty Seven: Live a little

When you have money, use it wisely. No need in allowing it to bury you in greed and temptations. Share it. Donate some of it. Don’t keep it all to yourself. Don’t let it be the center of your attention. When you have a lot of money, more than you’d ask for, you’re bound to use it wrongly. Refrain from it. Use it for good things. Gold jewelry and fast cars are not necessary. With that amount of money, you can plan vacations. You can give it to charity. When Jesus Christ returns, HE will judge us based on the good deeds we did while on Earth. Your faith is empty without any good deeds. And good deeds are worthless if there is no faith. No matter how great you make yourself by doing something you love, money shouldn’t define you. Money can turn the kindest people into monsters. You don’t need the biggest house. You don’t need the fastest car. Be humble. The greatest reward in life, is when you can help people when they’re struggling. Fast cars are good until they need tune ups. Until they get stolen. Then what do you have? Being humble by giving a lot of your won or earned money is the best choice you can ever make.

When you do this, the Lord himself will bless you in your time of need. Do for others before yourself. And the reward you receive afterwards will be greater than money. And that reward is seeing those you help, smile. You wouldn’t fake pray to God because he knows the value behind the truth of your prayer. He knows whether you put sincerity behind it. All the good works you do on Earth should be done with sincerity, not just to gain a great spot in Heaven. God knows where your heart lies. Those who love money and put it first before anything else will never make it into Heaven. A ton of money can get you anything you want except a spot in Heaven with Jesus Christ and the Father. Your heart has to be pure of love and humbleness. Greed and the urge for power will never have a place in God’s kingdom. There are many unwise people in this world that have a great amount of money, and they spend it on hotel rooms to be lustful. These people don’t have a place in Heaven either. If you can’t control your urges then you will never see Heaven. There are many children in the hospital that depend on people who have money to donate the money to hospitals so they can continue helping these sick children, but some people would rather use that money on drugs, alcohol and lustful women. Disgusting.

You may not want people to tell you what to do with your money, but one day you will die, and on that day, you will be remembered as that man who couldn’t save one child because he let his greed for money lead him down a path of temptation, instead of letting his heart lead him down a path of holiness. Learn to love. And then you will forget to crave. When you crave first, you forget to love. And therefore, you never think to be humble.



Twenty Six: Body shaming women

For a man to abusively judge a woman’s body shape is proof that his brain is the size of ignorance. You might need to use a magnifying glass to even see it. But all jokes aside, no man should ever make a nice kind innocent woman feel like she’s unworthy of life based on her physical appearance. If a man stepped in her shoes for one day, surrounded by arrogant, ignorant men, then he very well might understand why it’s so nasty to body shame. They want women that make their penises go up, but what about the women who don’t have an hour glass shaped body? Are they not worthy of love too? If you’re a real man, you show respect and humbleness to any woman, you habitually tend to reply with “yes ma’am” or “no ma’am”. A real man will open the door for a curvy woman. Don’t be like other men and say every man judges a woman, that’s what men do, think about it what you’re saying, you could be one of those men who changes that history. Makes a difference and stands up for women, supports them, not because you want them, but because you are humble. Being ignorant towards women will never get you the best in life. If you think sitting in front of your computer down in your basement, commenting on a models instagram selfie will get you those types of women in the real world, you are out of your mind.

More than likely, women who have hour glass shaped bodies might prove to be the worst daters. Just because they have that perfect body figure that you like doesn’t mean they’re right for you mentally. When you meet true love, she may be obese, she may be skinny, she may be fit, but either way, men are really nothing without women being around. Women are queens, they get things done, they’re committed to life. But when they’re body shamed, that queen has sunk into depression, and she becomes ill. If you’re going to call yourself a man, you’d stay off instagram. Period.

This writing is short and sweet, but there’s a purpose for that. If the reader reads paragraph after paragraph then he expected to read that much. Just like an arrogant man expects all the women he wants in his life to be fit. I shouldn’t have to write in paragraphs on why body shaming women is ignorant. You should already know, know to understand.

Twenty Five: Letting go of anger

Is it not better to be more peaceful than angry? Isn’t ease more mature than oppression? Why do you act so angry? What is in a dangerous hostile mind that you aim to achieve? Why do you create a dangerous scene for others around you? Why respond angrily and not just pray for restoration? Why not take some deep breaths, exhale and keep peace? Why do you assume if you don’t stay angry, that anyone around you, has been needed there to set you off, wins? Do you think life is every time you react to another when one offends you, therefore being able to have the right to be angry, and for that, you win every time you get the whip hand? Where is the maturity in that matter? Have you not heard of peace? You let your guard down, why? What happened to the love you once had? Why do you put chaos first before peace? What will it do for you, if you abide by anger and not justice? Why do you count the many ways you can respond with anger? Why do you whisper when you yell, is that your way of hiding your anger? Why do you throw stones and sticks and not hold yourself accountable for any wrong you did? Why do you let an evil broken lamp light your path instead of Jesus? Why are you so angry? Let go of it and you will be just fine. Let the day be a day, but let your heart make it a special day. A day will be a day because the Sun will shine, but it is not the same light that you would get from the heavenly Father, the light you get from him, you will be at peace. Anger ruins a day, peace is for the flowers, you want to be a flower that requires the Sun to help it bloom. But a bad storm may ruin that flower. When you are angry, you are the storm.

Don’t be ashamed by your anger. Learn from it. Jesus didn’t teach so his followers wouldn’t understand, he taught in parables so they would learn to question what he taught, he wanted them to figure out the truth for themselves, he knew they would question him after he spoke to them in parables. They didn’t get angry for not understanding, yes they might have been confused, but Jesus was willing to explain himself, yet continuously in parables. Are you angry because life is like a parable? You don’t understand it? Why don’t you question your anger before you lash out? Where will anger get you? Why do you plant a seed in wet cement and get angry when overtime a flower is a no show after the cement is already dry and hard as a rock? Do you not understand how planting a flower works? Do you not realize in order for a plant to have sprung it needs to be buried in soil? When one offends you, why don’t you allow your anger to be buried in a bed of quicksand? …That way when you need it, it’s never there for you to use. When one is angry, doesn’t one not think straight? When one is angry, one doesn’t bathe in a nice cool shower but rather lay in bed with their face deep in the pillow, screaming to hide their rage. When one is angry, dangerous is ones mind. Don’t you want your actions before you choose anger over peace to have a voice? If so why don’t you? Why do you express yourself with hostility and not humbleness?

Let a broken lamp be a broken lamp, but let the heavenly Father be your sunshine, for anger is not excuse, anger is only reason to be frustrated. Why do you keep a analog clock that ticks every second and not wear a digital watch that makes no sound? Is that your way of saying you enjoy being annoyed? If finding a solution isn’t the answer, then why do you find being angry the solution when someone confronts you by offering you a solution of their own? One will find true meaning of life when they walk with Jesus and not with a bag full of bricks that will eventually be used in anger. Anger is sadness fueled with intensity, if sadness weren’t anger, then why would one be upset when offended? Anger is not anger by itself, for it to be anger doesn’t one need to be upset? When you walk with Jesus, you don’t feel sadness, and anger won’t ever be a problem to be dealt. Love is what you will find when you walk with the Son. Love is the sequence of true living. When you walk with Christ you are living in truth and not in the path of the old serpent, because we all know the path of Satan is of bitterness, grief, and hate. What qualities are there when you walk with Jesus compared to when you only carry anger in your heart and mind? Are you not redefined when you find Christ and you accept him as your Lord and Savior? It’s like people often forget, they walk with Jesus, but are they ever loyal to him? I would have never thought that hate would ever be a loyal way to walk with Jesus. It’s funny how I read the Bible whenever I can because I always feel like I’m only reading trick questions. (Sarcasm)

There are heavy bricks on ones shoulders when they walk with anger three times a day. They get angry when they eat breakfast, they get angry when they eat lunch, and they get angry when they eat dinner. Should one stop eating in order to prevent oneself from being angry? Starving oneself in order to refrain from being angry is never a solution. So why let offensive words be fed to you? Why not spit them out the instant they enter your mouth when you want to hurl insults back? You’re fed them, but you don’t spit them out, you choose to wrap your tongue in those nasty insults and you use your tongue like it’s an angry snake. Why hiss when you can stomp on that snake and choose to be peaceful? I will tell you my friends, let go of that anger, and you will be proud of yourself for being a follower of Jesus, when you have him in your life, you don’t need money, you don’t need lust, you don’t need expensive cars, and you definitely don’t need anger, all you need is Jesus. He is greater than anything in this world that greedy eyes yearn for. So isn’t anger without a purpose? Isn’t letting go of anger a solution? So why drag it out and make it a problem?


Be peaceful within yourself, and you will live a better life.

Who Are You?

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Eclipsed Words

Affirmations & Reminders? Another blog post for the category? I had a completely different thought. Let’s read along.

The sun is perfect and you woke up this morning. You have enough language in your mouth, to be understood. You have a name, and someone wants to call it. Five fingers on your hand and someone wants to hold it. If we start there, every beautiful thing that has and will ever exist is possible. If we start there, everything for a moment, is right in the world ~ Warsan Shire

We are living in a digital age that perpetuates an ideal image and with that, connections can be so superficial. We are stimulated with current rationales of beauty, health, fitness, lifestyle + more – external factors that subconsciously creates waves of insecurity.

If someone were to ask you, “WHO ARE YOU?” I mean, really. “What would your answer be?” Have…

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Twenty Four: Forgiveness

Not many of us find it easy. Not many of us know how to move on. Many of us cling onto things that keep us buried in anger. We as humans get easily offended by the smallest things. That is what keeps us apart from Jesus. A holy man that was perfect, and to this day we still fall short of his word to be holy like him. When we don’t forgive, we are not walking with Jesus, we are simply walking with the adversary known as Satan. The old serpent loves war, he loves hate, and he celebrates when those he tempts fall for his naughty antics. When we don’t forgive, it only hurts us. When we can’t accept that someone who has done us wrong will never be perfect, it will only keep us buried alive. The toughest part about life is choosing whether to let go and move on, or cling and continue being angry. There is no time to hold onto anger anymore. Jesus will return sooner than we think. There is no time to keep hating, but to better your life. That one morning you wake up to get revenge on one of your colleagues from the workplace, instead, judge yourself, ask yourself if this will make you feel better afterwards, will it make you feel better getting revenge over something so little. Jesus is the light, he is the only way. Jesus is the reason why you can forgive. Jesus should be your excuse for forgiving someone who has done something horribly wrong to you.

Many horrible things were done to Jesus. Yet, he forgave those who crucified him. And he forgave those who supported the idea to crucify him. Now he wants you to do the same to those who hurt you. If you forgive them, and you still see no change about them after you hoped forgiving them would turn them around, then that’s when you pray that they can save themselves. Jesus is the only way. He is no after thought, he is the source to a better life. My advise to you, instead of watching Joel Osteen, watch Charles Stanley. You will thank me later. He may be older but he’s more wise. Forgiving someone will take a lot of stress off your shoulders, give the burden to Jesus and he will take care of your enemies. When we finally choose to forgive, it’s like an old molded run down building with every room dark as night because all the curtains are closed, then one day someone decides to bring the old place back to life, and the first thing they do to make it feel alive is by opening up the curtains, for the sunlight to come in and fill the rooms up. That’s exactly how it will feel when we finally forgive someone. We will realize just how easy it was to move on from something we believed was so hard to move on from. Forgiving others is not about making the other person look so innocent, it’s making yourself feel better about tomorrow because you have cleansed your mind and understood why Jesus wants us to forgive. We know that the old serpent is behind every evil act committed in this world, and he wants us to be like his wicked ways, and not forgiving is one of his ways.

You can count on Jesus to pull you through the toughest times. Don’t ever doubt his promises. He is the Messiah, he is the King of Kings. He knows, he knew, and he will deliver. Our part is to share his love, his word, and the word is the truth that he is the savior for all sinners, past and present. With him there is eternal life. With him we can walk without fear and love all. Forgiveness may be tough, but with Jesus in your corner, you will be brave and trust him that he has you covered. Willing to forgive someone who did you so badly will lead you to a big reward, and that reward is love. When we love, we are no longer chained to anger. When we are angry we will be frustrated, and when we are frustrated our living is on hiatus. In order to live we have to love, living life is loving life and appreciating the blessings the Father rewards us. It is impossible to enjoy life and spread God’s word if we can’t forgive. Even the cruelest thing can be done to us, and we have the chance to forgive, and move on despite losing someone so precious to us. Make today the day you forgive someone that did you wrong. Look past what you see in their eyes, and pray for them. When you do this you will feel alive and healthier.

– Happy Easter

Twenty Three: Warning about fake Christians

One who loves Jesus will follow Jesus every step of the way. One won’t spend one day thinking evil thoughts of others that portray pride in unusual things. One will accept them, and pray for them. One will show kindness to all. One will know God is the judger, not the other way around. One will know to leave the burden on Jesus, instead of being worried and agitated. One will love other’s as Christ loved one. One will not treat another differently just because an opinion or belief is different. One will show humility during an argument, one will apologize if one knows for sure that one was in the wrong. One will be honest with everyone in one’s path. One will not follow any men but one will only follow and obey Jesus. One will not use material objects to show purpose or make an example through anger. One will look toward Jesus, and let him work things out. One will not lie to get his way, one will be honest, and respect truth. One knows Jesus is the way, and the way to Jesus is truth and love. One refuses to hate, one knows hate is too powerful and one knows hate is too much a burden to carry on one’s shoulders for too long. One will accept a person apart from one. One doesn’t have to support the aspects about a person, one knows not to attack the person, but to pray for them.

One knows the only way to eternal life isn’t by being a gun toting maniac, but knows that the way is through Jesus himself. One knows Jesus loves sinners and wants to be close to them. One knows, a man who lies is a man that can never be close to Jesus. Through lies, following Jesus is impossible. One knows Jesus is the truth, and that Jesus is the judger of this world. One knows Olympic gold medals and Super Bowl rings exist, but one knows not either of these two will get one to Jesus. One knows in order to walk with Jesus, one has to walk in truth, one has to walk in humility, one has to walk in love, and one has to walk in obedience. One knows you don’t have to be a gun toting Christian to walk with Jesus. One knows, you have to love in order to walk with Jesus. One knows Jesus is for every sinner, he is not for the righteous. One knows to leave troubles in God hands, not to take care of things in his own hands.

One knows hate is evil, and if one hates, one cannot walk with Jesus. One knows Satan is the root of hate. One knows to walk in fellowship with Jesus, and not by mans promises. One knows to trust and love Jesus with all his heart. One knows to treat his neighbors with respect, love and kindness. One knows that Jesus knows what’s really in a fake Christian’s heart. One knows Jesus can see the lies in a fake Christian’s heart. One knows that Jesus already knows that many fake Christians will spread lies in his name. One knows that nothing is too powerful for God. One knows to live by God’s word, and not by mans lies. One loves all just as much as Jesus loved one. One knows to separate love from hate, because one knows just like water and oil, hate and love don’t mix. One knows that Jesus never said to follow Christians, but to follow him.

Change Looks Good On You

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Eclipsed Words

It's my close friend's birthday, and, I think this is the perfect day to share this piece.

Many around you want to point out “reality” to you. They say, “Face the facts. Look at what-is.” And we say to you if you are able to see only what-is – then, by the Law of Attraction, you will only create more of what-is… You must be able to put your thoughts beyond what-is in order to attract something different or something more. Your thoughts create your “reality.” You should learn to manifest your thoughts to shape the world around you.

You can’t just ignore or kill the very truths in your life that may or may not have been a pleasant memory. They are a part of your existence. They become a distant part of your identity. You just learn to live with it and grow more mature look toward it…

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Twenty Two: Think about the children

Too often people think about their material needs, what they don’t have, and what they wish to have. They’re never grateful for family, for food put in front of them, or a roof over their head. When I think that way, I remind myself of the children that are stuck in hospitals because they’re facing life threatening illnesses, they don’t get that opportunity to be thankful for anything, their minds are too weak to cherish anything. All I see in this world is greed and attention seeking. I don’t see true love for humanity. I don’t see mountains of change being climbed, I see lakes being set on fire, because fathers hate their children so much that they refuse to take them on fishing trips to show they care to spend quality time with them. Children are the future, they are never to be neglected. You don’t have forever to keep a child waiting to be taught to be selfless. Teach them at an early age, and they will be raised to be humble and caring. In many poverty countries, children beg for food everyday. Americans beg for new phones so they can have better internet speed. To be grateful, you have to also be grateful that you have the opportunity to change another humans life. Being grateful that you have what you need in life means nothing if you don’t make someone else who has nothing grateful themselves.

It’s impossible to make sure every child has food and water to stay alive. But it’s not impossible to at least make sure one child is fed and bathed. One person shouldn’t feel the need to save a thousand children, it shouldn’t take one person, it needs to be the whole world to watch over these children, and take care of them. Water and food isn’t enough. They need comfort and love also, otherwise they will grow up to never know what love is, they will be scared of the world. One person who is ungrateful, their life could change if they traveled to these countries stricken with poverty, and saw the reality of having nothing. We don’t go to countries to feed these sick children, and then leave them. It’s not enough, we feed them, then we bring them back home with us. We adopt them so we can raise them to be a loving human being like our own self. Many of these sick children have parents that are grieving too much to comfort these children. They need help. These children need friendships, bonding. Food and water alone is never enough. They need someone to show them love and care. Imagine having a child, keeping them fed but never showing them any attention or love to them, they will grow up feeling lonely and unloved.


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We are their only hope. It’s not just food, water and toys that they need. They also need purpose in life, they need family. They will grow better if they have someone to love them. Their own parents will die because they will starve before they let their children. When these children lose their life, it will be because a grateful human wasn’t selfless enough. These children cry in pain because they’re so hungry and thirsty. And that can be prevented, they can be saved. We will grow if they are able to grow. We will realize just how much we have when we lay out our hearts for these children. We turn our backs on them when we say it’s not our responsibility to help these children, it’s their countries government that should be, but you have to ask yourself, does your own countries government show love to you? I don’t think so. It’s the other way around. You can be thankful for everything you have, but it means nothing if you’re not thankful for being a humble selfless human being because you put your own blessings to the side to make sure one of these children are blessed too. The greatest reward in life is when we know we can help these children, and when we’re brave enough to do it, we actually are able to save one child from dying of starvation. And the reward gets even better when we fall in love with one of these children, and we decide to adopt one. Or maybe all the siblings, not just one.


If all the sick children in these poverty stricken countries die from starvation all at once, then the world will eventually wake up and realize just how selfish they truly are. They will realize, it takes a monster to ignore these poor children. If these children are too weak to have hope that you will rescue them, then it is you who should have hope that you will be brave enough to fly a plane to these countries so you can adopt. These children need a future just as much as you want your own children to have one. These poor children shouldn’t be treated any different. The only thing that separates these children from yours is the language barrier and their culture, but it’s important that these children never forget where they came from either.

Twenty One: We as Christians

Many of us are quick to condemn those who are different from us. Whether it’s being transgender, gay, lesbian, bisexual, it shouldn’t matter what anybody is. I found this quote from Mother Teresa.

“Whether one is Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian, how you live your life is proof that you are or not fully His. We cannot condemn or judge or pass words that will hurt people. We don’t know in what way God is appearing to that soul and what God is drawing that soul to; therefore, who are we to condemn anybody?”

– Mother Teresa

Romans 2:1-3

“Therefore you have no excuse, O man, every one of you who judges. For in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, practice the very same things. We know that the judgment of God rightly falls on those who practice such things. Do you suppose, O man—you who judge those who practice such things and yet do them yourself—that you will escape the judgment of God?”


And one more…


 John 8:7

And as they continued to ask him, he stood up and said to them, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.”


As I was saying…


Not everybody is religious, so condemning unbelievers is foolishness. We don’t know whether God will accept them in his kingdom. We don’t know what path he has them on. We don’t know if there is purpose for what they do. There are many good people in this world, many of them are more kinder than your usual Christians. And for me, it is hard to believe that these people will “burn in hell”, we don’t know these things, only God does. As Christians, we are to accept people the way they are, no matter their race or sexuality. Jesus sat with a criminals.


Matthew 9:11

When the Pharisees saw this, they asked his disciples, “Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?” On hearing this, Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. But go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’ For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”


Again, as I was saying…


Many of us are busybodies. We spend far too much time judging others when we should spend time bettering our own selves. We nitpick about every little thing. Jesus loved everybody and he still does to this day. If the Father truly hated LGBT, I’m sure he would send a lightning bolt down on them, but that would be evil of him to do so. As a heterosexual, you don’t have to support them, but never shame them or speak against them, nor attack them. That is to be condemned only. While one Christian man encounters a gay man in a park, insulting him with nasty words, on his own time when he’s at home, he masturbates to porn. The Bible clearly states that lust is a sin. So why should a sinful Christian man condemn a gay man for loving the same sex? There is no reason for that other than judging when he has no right to do so.

Shame on you who judge the sinful when you do the same yourself. You may not commit the same sins they commit, but judging itself is a sin because only God is to judge. Be kind, be humble, above all things, be loving towards one another. You don’t have to agree with everything in this world, but for once, practice understanding and love for each other. Instead of bringing guns to a protest, bring treats and juice, so everyone can sit down together, and share stories of their dreams and goals.



Twentieth Chapter: Hatred is a burden

No matter who you are or where you’re from, how poor you are or how rich you are, having a hateful heart will place a burden on your heart. It will strain you of any understanding you have for people. It will bring you down your whole life. When we hate, we’re only taking years off our life. We don’t want to accept difference in society because we’re not used to different types of people. Hate will not make butterflies out of flames, it will only make scorpions out of flames. If you choose hate over love, then you will suffer. I believe it takes more strength and mental capability to hate someone rather than to love them. Being a hateful person is nowhere near like being on a nice beach sipping on a drink underneath an umbrella. Being hateful is like being a miserable man who was recently fired from his job and he’s sitting on a bench in the rain in New York, waiting for a bus that’s late to pick him up, to take him home, he had no clue that it would rain, so he got soaked.

A man who is blessed with a beautiful family, and a beautiful wife, yet he still manages to have time to be racist. I’ve known a man like that. I’ve never once seen him smile. You are not helping yourself when you spend so much time being hateful towards other people, learn to not be ignorant, learn to take steps that will open your eyes and accept people. Imagine being in the shoes of the people you hate, and you walk around people that hate you because you look like the people you hate, imagine what it would be like to be stared at or mocked. It wouldn’t be fun. Whether you hate Jews, Mexicans, Gays, Transgenders or Blacks, none of that hate will have you at peace. Getting along with people proves how strong a person is, a strong person that knows not to cling on to hate, a weak person is afraid of differences, they’re afraid of unity. If you can’t love others, then how can you love yourself. You were raised by rotten parents, so now you will carry on their legacy of hate. I don’t believe a person who lives to hate actually lives.

Hate is a burden to those who carry it in their hearts. Hate doesn’t feed a person happiness, it only makes them angry and keeps them that way because they spend so much time being angry. Hate is anger, that’s all there is to it. Hate is toxic, but it can be cured. Unfortunately, some people will never be able to change their ways. Don’t let them defeat you, don’t cower down because they refuse to love, keep being you, no matter how big they are compared to you. I’ve seen big men who are as dumb as a rock. When it comes to life, size doesn’t matter, it’s how you live your life that matters. But the bigger the size of hate is, the more miserable a hateful person will be. If hate were weak, everybody could easily break away from it. Hate is so strong, that it allows the world’s most dangerous men to serve time in prison. You can’t be a man and also hate a woman because she wants to be equal like you, a real man wants a woman to be equal with him, so they can both can be side be side, and learn new things together, rather than her be pushed back and him having to learn things on his own.

Having hate in your heart will torture you. I never see racist people smiling, all I see is bitterness in their eyes. I don’t think bitterness is a party in your mind, the last time I can remember, it’s nothing but chaos. As a hateful pathetic person, learn to go to a hospital, stand in front of an elevator, and when you see a family of blacks walk into it, join them, while you’re next to them in the elevator, you will feel just how intimidated you are by them. I think racism is nothing but fear, otherwise most racists would get in the faces of those they hate and say mean things to them. But they always spit out slurs and walk away while flipping them off. They never confront big black guys because they know they’d get overpowered.